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Krapil Electric, a leader in the field of back-up power systems:
The systems we provide can supply power for a few minutes or for many days. An evaluation of your specific needs help us design a dependable back-up power system for your situation. As the word 'systems' implies there are many different methods to protect your particular electrical needs:

UPS Systems
A UPS system or better known as an 'un- interruptible power supply' contains storage batteries and electronic equipment that converts the battery power to alternating currant. This type of system is ideal for maintaining short duration power outages to electronic and data storage equipment, it would allow you enough time to back-up your data and safely shut down your electronic equipment.

Generator System
Another more well known power system would be a stand-by generator system. This is a motor driven piece of equipment that will provide you with electricity during a public utility power failure. These generators require a fuel source to operate their motors. Some of the most popular fuels are, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and LP gas. The size of the generator required is dependent upon how much equipment is connected. Another important component to the stand by generator system is the automatic transfer switch. As the name implies this switch will recognize a power failure and will start you generator automatically. When utility power is restored the transfer switch will return you to normal power and turn off the generator.

Krapil Electric proudly features Honda Portable Power Products and Kohler Stand By Power Systems. Our staff is factory trained and certified to install these platinum rated products.

Please contact us so we can design an Emergency Power Solution for you.

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